Yogic Fine Art for Healing, Transformation & Growth
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M A N T R A   A R T  – O R I G I N S :

The concept for Mantra Art began over ten years ago, with an original painting I did of the sacred scripture called Japji, which is the morning prayer in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga.  While it's exceptionally powerful to listen to and chant the scripture, it's equally as transformational to absorb the letters through a visual representation of the ancient sacred language of Gurmukhi (a cousin to Sanskrit).  In viewing these letters, we are transported into the energy of their vibration, and thus, we feel uplifted.  Over time, introducing a piece of Mantra Art into your home, will hold a consistent effect of yogic influence for you and your loved ones.

More recently, I began to contemplate how I could utilize this piece of original artwork to create a product that could be mass-produced, so as to allow it to be held in the homes of many.  What followed was the birth of Mantra Art

Using the Japji scripture painting as a back-drop, I've layered upon it 8 unique designs, each with a mantra from the Kundalini yoga tradition and partnered with a glass printing company to create these unusual pieces of art.  Included on this website are translations of the mantras, and the effect that they each hold. 

In addition to providing aesthetic beauty to your home, and/or to the homes of your friends and family, Mantra Art utilizes the power of ancient yogic scripture to provide healing, transformation, and growth to you and your loved ones.  The artwork can also be an effective tool to inspire increased commitment to your spiritual practice by serving as a consistent visual reminder of the Kundalini mantras.

Coming soon: A second series of mantras from the Hatha yoga tradition with a Sanskrit backdrop from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali!